About | Daily FITPAK


More than a workout program.

It’s a new way of training.

Daily Fitpak is a virtual training program designed to train your body for functional strength and train your mind for peace and happiness.

Steve is your virtual trainer.

Steve shares everything he’s learned in the last 16 years of training to help you achieve your goals.

Follow his personal monthly program or choose what workouts best suit you.  

Every month of training is filled with new, daily videos that include: at home workouts; mobility to help reduce pain; mindset training to elevate your life; and, guided meditations to find stillness and reduce stress.

The Daily Fitpak programming changes each month: it's designed to keep it exciting, keep the body guessing and never hit plateaus - all while training your mind for the next level of you. It’s time to take control of your life, your body and your mind.

Let’s create a new way of life, a healthy sustainable lifestyle.


Active members: Never hesitate to reach out to via the private community for support.

email: steve@teamfitpak.com

instagram: @teamfitpak