​​Meet Steve

With 16 years of training and experience I share exactly what it took myself and many of my clients to change their life both physically & mentally. I created Daily Fitpak to help others who are searching for something more and are seeking for change in their life. I truly believe that we all have a purpose that we can awaken. Through the Fitpak Training System - A powerful holistic approach to physical and mental training, movement and meditation to unlock ourselves so we can start to achieve the life of our dreams.

There's a version of you deep within, that you dream of becoming.

Let me help you become that person.

Why choose Daily Fitpak?

More than a virtual fitness program. It's a way of life. On Demand workouts designed to inspire your mind and get you in the best shape of your life. Join the community already changing their lives. One day at a time.

Burn Massive Calories & Fat with Functional Fun Workouts

Build Lean Muscle & Tighten Your Body

Mobility Workouts to Recover, Reduce Risk of Injury and Feel Better

Guided Meditations to Upgrade Your Mind For Peace, Positivity, Gratitude

Improve Strength, Flexibility, & Posture

Mindset Training to Be The Best Version of Yourself

Effective Kettlebell, Bodyweight, Mobility Workouts, Meditations, Motivation and Mindset, Recipes, Skill Videos

Minimal Equipment. Kettlebell and Resistance Band.

Join our Private Community to Keep You Accountable + Motivated to Crush Your Goals.

One Membership, So Many Options

Choose from 210+ on demand videos to level up your life. New workouts added every week. New programs every month. Mindfulness, Movement and Mobility, Workouts, Recipes, Mindset Training. The foundation of living a strong, healthy and fulfilled life. Train anywhere, anytime, wherever you are. Home or gym. Don't matter, we get it in.

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One Payment


  • Unlimited lifetime access to 1 program SUMMER SHRED: 4 WEEK PROGRAM

  • 42 follow along workouts, mobility, meditation, mindset training + recipes.

  • BONUS: 7 Day Core Challenge

  • Home or Gym. Anytime, Anywhere






/ month


  • 14 day free trial included

  • Unlimited access to 9 programs including SUMMER SHRED: 4 WEEK PROGRAM

  • Unlimited access to entire library of 210+ videos:

  • Workouts, mobility, meditation, mindset training, recipes.

  • New workouts uploaded x5 per week

  • Home or Gym. Anytime, Anywhere.






/ year


  • 14 day free trial included

  • Unlimited access to 9 programs including SUMMER SHRED: 4 WEEK PROGRAM

  • Unlimited access to entire library of 210+ videos:

  • Workouts, mobility, meditation, mindset training, recipes.

  • New workouts uploaded x5 per week

  • Home or Gym. Anytime, Anywhere.




Last September I was 220 lbs. Anytime I had my shirt off in front of a mirror, I couldn't believe I let myself go. With the help of Team Fitpak I'm now 165 lbs and never going back.

<p><span class="text-sm">Dunny V.</span></p>, <p><span class="text-xs">Daily Fitpak Community</span></p>

Dunny V.

Daily Fitpak Community

Transformation isn't about changing yourself, but more about peeling back the layers to discover who you really always were at the centre of your core. That's what your program made me realize at the physical and spiritual level. Getting rid of bad habits and attitude that covered the good in me.

<p><span class="text-sm">Navi G.</span></p>, <p><span class="text-xs">Daily Fitpak Community</span></p>

Navi G.

Daily Fitpak Community

8 months training with you!! Thank you! Your training, guidance, and encouragement have kept me sane and healthy throughout the pandemic. Can't recommend Steve's program enough!!

<p><span class="text-sm">Joelle P.</span></p>, <p><span class="text-xs">Daily Fitpak Community</span></p>

Joelle P.

Daily Fitpak Community

Mindfulness has mad a HUUUGE impact to my everyday life. I even took it forward and adopted mindful breathing with my clients (RMT). It really allows us to prepare for the healing!

<p><span class="text-sm">Justin M.</span></p>, <p><span class="text-xs">Daily Fitpak Community</span></p>

Justin M.

Daily Fitpak Community

Thank you for filming all these videos. You are directly connected to improving every fitpak members life every single time we work. It's crazy to think about. The impact one person can have. Keep it up man, it's an amazing and meaningful gift you are sharing.

<p><span class="text-sm">Rob R.</span></p>, <p><span class="text-xs">Daily Fitpak Community</span></p>

Rob R.

Daily Fitpak Community

You definitely inspire me seriously thank you. I love how you incorporate the mobility and meditation in your programs. My goal is to get rid of the dad bod and get a new bod, with a strong mind! Like your program SHOW UP FOR THEM our family will be looking up to us!

<p><span class="text-sm">Jhobert G.</span></p>, <p><span class="text-xs">Daily Fitpak Community</span></p>

Jhobert G.

Daily Fitpak Community

I'm so happy I signed up, honestly this has been the best of both worlds for me! It goes by so fast and I love how mobility is incorporated! THIS IS MY FAVOURITE PROGRAM I'VE EVER DONE. THANK YOU!

<p><span class="text-sm">Mikey M.</span></p>, <p><span class="text-xs">Daily Fitpak Community</span></p>

Mikey M.

Daily Fitpak Community

Grateful for these workouts!! They've honestly been saving my life since covid started. Working from home with kids is no joke so I look forward to them every change I get!

<p><span class="text-sm">Cheryl L.</span></p>, <p><span class="text-xs">Daily Fitpak Community</span></p>

Cheryl L.

Daily Fitpak Community

Personally I love the variety between strength/endurance workouts and I like how each day is dedicated to a specific area ie. legs, chest/biceps. Also having workouts around 40-50 mins is perfect especially when working from home and squeezing them in lunch

<p><span class="text-sm">Dean M.</span></p>, <p><span class="text-xs">Daily Fitpak Community</span></p>

Dean M.

Daily Fitpak Community

Just wanted to say I love all the different types of workouts from the mobility to endurance and those damn finishers!!!!

<p><span class="text-sm">Dale P.</span></p>, <p><span class="text-xs">Daily Fitpak Community</span></p>

Dale P.

Daily Fitpak Community

Solid ass workout. I've showed about 5-6 homies and they love them. You've made a big change in my life, I really appreciate everything you're doing for the community. Thanks man. Plus I'm getting f'n shredded right now!

<p><span class="text-sm">Antoine L.</span></p>, <p><span class="text-xs">Daily Fitpak Community</span></p>

Antoine L.

Daily Fitpak Community

Being part of a community that supports and encourages is great, because you can reach out to them when your struggling and need a helping hand. That is what I found with Fitpak. Accountability is key. But really consistency is the key to success. Slow and steady wins the race. Losing weight a little everyday. Learning to make better choices one day at a time.

<p><span class="text-sm">Josh R.</span></p>, <p><span class="text-xs">Daily Fitpak Community</span></p>

Josh R.

Daily Fitpak Community

Since I started my body feels amazing. I've gained so much strength and mobility in my body. My confidence level has gone up, certain movements I couldn't do before. I now can thanks to all your knowledge about mobility. Grateful for you.

<p><span class="text-sm">Charles C.</span></p>, <p><span class="text-xs">Daily Fitpak Community</span></p>

Charles C.

Daily Fitpak Community

I've learned that it was so much more than just "working out." Mentally and spiritually it helps my days go by so much smoother by just really setting a goal and intention for my day.

<p><span class="text-sm">Casey S.</span></p>, <p><span class="text-xs">Daily Fitpak Community</span></p>

Casey S.

Daily Fitpak Community

Just a small expression of gratitude for the positivity and CHANGE you're creating for everyone. THANK YOU.

<p><span class="text-sm">Arlin G.</span></p>, <p><span class="text-xs">Daily Fitpak Community</span></p>

Arlin G.

Daily Fitpak Community



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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Daily Fitpak for me?

If you feel that you are meant for more, this is for you! If you feel lost, stuck or just need a change and don’t know how or where to begin, this is for you.

Whether you are an entrepreneur like me, a parent, dad, mom, 9-5 desk warrior, wanting to stay fit or become fit this is for you.

Myself and the Daily Fitpak Community are living proof that it works.

What equipment do I need for this program?

All you need is one kettlebell, resistance band and glute band.

Save 10% when you buy three items.

Grab the brand new Daily Fitpak Starter kit here.

How exactly does Daily Fitpak work?

Access the videos at your convenience. Anytime, anywhere.

You can follow the monthly program/challenge or you can select which workout best suits you to incorporate with your current training. New full follow along videos are added weekly: workouts, mobility, meditations, recipes, mindset. Never worry about a fitness program again. Join our Private What’s App Community to lean on other members and our team for guidance. Daily Fitpak gives you structure, support, inspiration and community as you begin your personal development & fitness journey.

What level is the program?

This program is designed for moderate to advanced experience of training. Modifications coached during every exercise. Bonus: Skill Videos breaking down functional movement to ensure proper form.

How fast will I see results?

The question is, how committed are you? Members have seen and felt incredible results mentally and physically in 30 days. Just like everything in life, the more you commit, the better the results. 

What weight of kettlebell should I start with?

Novice Female: 4-8kg

Novice Male: 12-20kg

Advanced Female: 12-16kg

Advanced Male: 16-24kg

Can I use a dumbbell?

Yes you can use a dumbbell as other subscribers are but to get the most out of the program and workouts a kettlebell is advised.

What if I’m not satisfied?

Backed By Our Promise To You

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

As an entrepreneur who has a family, I know how important it is to be mindful of every dollar spent. That's why I am committed to you achieving results and why it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you do the daily work and honestly feel you didn't get any value from the experience, please write to us within 30 days of your purchase for a full refund.

I joined! Now, where do I start?

One Time Purchase: You will have access to the Challenge starting 7.5.21.

Subscribed: Follow the current program/challenge! Or if you are wanting to incorporate types of workouts, mobility or meditations into your current training you can select what best suits you. Basics, Build, Shred, Strength, Endurance are examples of programs that you can choose from that will fit your needs. Once you finish a program, select another! New phases of training added every week, all year round.